Making Numbers Meaningful
We provide guidance for health professionals who want to educate people about their health using numbers.
We’re a New-York-based research team.
Our team compiles the latest evidence from the vast research literature on presenting numbers in health, and makes this information freely available to writers, providers, experts, educators, and other professionals.
Funding and Affiliations
Need health literacy resources?
We’ve compiled academic resources and links to inform the design and development of your health materials, including documents, articles, and tools.
Research and Publications
JS Ancker, LV Grossman, NC Benda. Health Literacy 2030: Is It Time to Redefine the Term? Journal of General Internal Medicine, 2019. PMID: 31659662.
JS Ancker, D Kaufman. Rethinking health numeracy: A multidisciplinary literature review. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 2007. PMID: 17712082.
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